About us

Welcome to Robot Pi Shop

Robot Pi Shop is specialised in electronic and robotic technology and offer an online shop serving education, maker, and professional engineering industries with products ranging from IOT, sensors, motion control electronics to motors and wheels to complete all type of robots.




Infomation Group

At Robot PI Shop, our experienced and unique team of professionals provide high quality electronic design and robotic solutions throughout the globe.



Our main focus to educate and train students, technicians and engineers on the latest technologies. We customized courses and conferences basedon our clients needs and demands.We have a community of trainers, lecturers, teachers and professors to deliver any of the topics below for Schools, universities and corporates:

  • Programing and Coding
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Specific Robotic products
  • Educational Workshop
  • IOT Workshop
  • Arduino and Raspberry PI Courses
  • Basic of Electronics
  • STEM Education